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Quick Retain Guarantee

35 year guarantee on all products.

We take a total approach to quality and support that involves continual product testing, knowledge of modern manufacturing methods and our after sales customer support.

All our products are guaranteed to perform under normal domestic loads for the lifetime of the product, when built to our engineer specifications.*

Small chips or hairline cracks may occur as concrete is not an indestructible product, but these imperfections do not affect the structural integrity of the sleepers.

*If the retaining wall is not built to the correct engineer specifications supplied your guarantee will be void. Specific engineering specifications are available on request.

Why Choose Concrete?

Many people don't think about the long-term longevity of the product they use when building a retaining wall. A concrete retaining wall will last about 3 times longer than a timber retaining wall. Timber may be cheaper than concrete in the short-term, but it sure doesn't last as long.

Think about the expensive rectification costs you might face in a few years' time when you need to replace your timber retaining wall due to water damage, rotting or termite infestation. House lots are also getting smaller, if you build a timber retaining wall in an area where access is limited and it fails in 5 - 10 years time, the cost to replace it could be huge. Machinery will not be able to gain access, thus massively increasing labour costs.

Our tips for a durable retaining wall

  • Use strong, long-lasting materials
  • Use proper drainage, 20mm drainage gravel backfill and agpipe
  • Follow engineer specifications carefully when installing your wall
  • Specific engineering specifications are available on request


Concrete Sleepers Colour Range


Concrete Sleepers


Sandstone Effect Range



Product Price List

Concrete Sleepers
Smooth grey sleeper1.2m x 200mm x 75mm45$28.00
Smooth grey sleeper1.53m x 200mm x 75mm58$34.00
Smooth grey sleeper2.0m x 200mm x 75mm77$42.00
Sandstone effect sleeper - Natural & Graphite1.58m x 200mm x 75mm59$39.50
Ironbark sleeper1.58m x 200mm x 75mm54$39.50
Gumtree Sleeper1.58m x 200mm x 75mm56$39.50
Slate sleeper1.58m x 200mm x 75mm62$39.50


Engineering specifications available on request

  • It is recommended to use the Wet Wet (Primer) & Summer Gloss on the Sandstone effect  & the smooth concrete sleepers to protect them from the harsh UV Australian Rays & to enhance the colours
  • It is recommended to use the Summer Gloss on the Ironbark,Gumtree & Slate to protect & enhance the colours. 10L covers approx 100 concrete sleepers
3mm straight fence bracket580mm x 100mm x 3mm$14.00 ea
6mm straight fence bracket580mm x 100mm x 6mm$18.00 ea
3mm offset fence bracket580mm x 187mm x 3mm$14.00 ea
6mm offset fence bracket580mm x 187mm x 6mm

$18.00 ea

Quick Retain bracket/Flatbar50mm x  5mm x 1200mm

$14.85 ea 


Colour can change due to efflorescence - C & N Trading will not be liable

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Concrete Sleeper Grab

Concrete sleep grab is perfect for lifting concrete sleepers or concrete beams for retaining walls.



  • Grip range: 10 - 140mm
  • Work load: 300kg
  • Light weight clamp: 21kg
  • Dimensions: 540 x 390 x 180mm
  • Auto lock for easy release.
  • Long lasting polyurethane pads.
  • Replacement pads available.
  • Australian design and manufactured
  • "Patent Pending?
  • View on Youtube


* Hire available from $50.00 per day

* Purchase Price - $900.00 (inc GST)