Retaining Walls Sydney

High Quality Retaining Walls To Last A Lifetime

For the highest quality retaining walls in Sydney, Quick Retain is the leading choice. All our products are easy to install, low maintenance and come with a 35-year guarantee. We offer an integrated approach to maintaining consistent product quality, including doing rigorous product testing, using advanced manufacturing methods and delivering after sales customer support. At Quick Retain, we offer a range of concrete and steel retaining wall products to suit a variety of property designs. Whether you are after a small feature to use in the backyard or a larger façade around the home, we have an array of patterns to suit your needs.


When it comes to building a strong and durable retaining wall, it is important to use long lasting materials and proper drainage preferably a 20mm drainage gravel backfill and agpipe. We also recommend following engineer specifications carefully when installing your wall to ensure your product guarantee is within the required guidelines. If the retaining wall is not built to the correct engineer specifications supplied, your guarantee will be void. You can rely on all our products to perform under normal domestic loads for the lifetime of the product, guaranteeing a quality product. When purchasing concrete sleepers, keep in mind that small chips of hairline cracks may occur; as concrete is not an indestructible product. These imperfections do not affect the structural integrity of the sleepers.


For easy to install retaining walls in Sydney, contact Quick Retain today on  (02) 4571-1944 or send an online enquiry to and we?ll get back to you as soon as possible.